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One organ system includes the kidneys, bladder, and urethra. What is the purpose this system?
a) to remove wastes from the body
b) to produce offspring
c) to protect the body from disease
d) to transport materials to cells

What is formed by a group of cell s and tissues that work together to carry oul a specific function?
a) organelle
b) organ
c) organ system
d) orgamsm

White blood cells help protect the body from illness by engulfing diseasecausing organisms. Which organ system produces white blood cells?
a) urinary system
b) immune system
c) circulatory system
d) skeletal system

What is the job of mitochondria in plant and animal cells?
a) to break down wastes
b) to break down food for energy
c) to control what enters the cell
d) to store the cell 's genetic information

The organ system that uses blood to carry nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body is the
a) cardiac system.
b) circulatory system.
c) urinary system.
d) reproductive system.

Which cell structure allows a plant to carry out photosynthesis?
a) nucleus
b) cell wall
c) chlorophyll
d) chloroplast

Which list below correctly shows the levels of organization in an organism from left to right?
a) organs - tissues - systems - cells - organism
b) tissues - cells - systems - organs - organism
c) cells - tissues - organs - systems - organism
d) organism - cells - tissues - organs - systems

Which organ system carries oxygen to the cells of the body?
a) respiratory
b) circulatory
c) nervous
d) digestive

Which organ system removes carbon dioxide wastes produced by cells from the body?
a) respiratory
b) circulatory
c) nervous
d) digestive

Which of these organelles breaks down food to release energy the cell can use?
a) cytoplasm
b) endoplasmic reticulum
c) ribosomes
d) mitochondrion

Which cell structure is MOST responsible for controlling what materials enter and leave the cell?
a) cell membrane
b) nucleus
c) cytoplasm
d) mitochondrion

Which organ system in humans makes sperm cells?
a) the nervous system
b) the excretory system
c) the male reproductive system
d) the female reproductive system

Which structure is the simplest level of organization in humans?
a) cell
b) organ
c) system
d) tissue

What fluid fills most of the in side of a cell?
a) plasma
b) water
c) cytoplasm
d) chlorophyll

Which of these organ systems controls and coordinates most body functions?
a) excretory
b) digestive
c) nervous
d) reproductive

Which of these processes of organisms needs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?
a) digestion
b) cellular respiration
c) photosynthesis
d) denitrification

Which pair of organ systems work together to fight viral diseases such as the flu?
a) respiratory and nervous
b) circulatory and immune
c) digestive and reproductive
d) immune and excretory

Which organ system breaks down food into the nutrients cells need?
a) immune
b) excretory
c) nervous
d) digestive

What level of organization is made up of a group of similar cells that perform a specific function?
a) organelle
b) tissue
c) organ
d) system

Which of the following cell processes does NOT depend on nutrients?
a) growth
b) making needed materials
c) cell division
d) response to stimuli

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