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I what part of the atom is most of its mass?
a) the nucleus
b) the electron cloud
c) the protons
d) the electron path

Which of these elements has seven valence electrons?
a) helium
b) argon
c) chlorine
d) oxygen

A device that uses electromagnetic induction to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy is a
a) transformer
b) generator
c) motor
d) solenoid

An insecticide kills a few insects, but a few survive. Because of natural selection, which of the following is most likely to happen?
a) eventually the rest of the insects will die off
b) the survivors will reproduce, and the replacement population will be resistant to the insecticide
c) the survivors will reproduce, but the offspring will be killed by another application of insecticide
d) the survivors will reproduce but will be deformed

According to the LAw of Consevation of Mass
a) change has nothing to do with saving or losing mass during a chemical or physical change
b) amount of matter present after a change is less because matter has been saved
c) amount of matter present before a change is the same as the amount present after a change
d) amount of matter present before a change is less than the amount present after a change

Until the 1700's, scientists classified organisms into only two kingdoms. Today's scientific classification system has four kingdoms. Why have scientists added more kingdoms?
a) the previous theory of classification did not account for the Latin names of organisms
b) scientists thought there were too many organisms to classify into only two kingdoms
c) scientists found that some living things did not fit into the plant group or the animal group
d) scientists found too many similarities between organisms in different kingdoms

Which of the following traits found in birds is not an adaptation for flight?
a) rigid skeleton
b) sharp beak
c) light skeleton
d) keel bone

Aluminum-27 has 13 protons. What is the total mass of its neutrons?
a) 13 amu
b) 14 amu
c) 27 amu
d) 40 amu

Iodine is in group 17 of the Periodic Table. During chemical changes, it forms an ion whose charge is
a) -1
b) -2
c) +1
d) +2

Which of the following is a learned behavior?
a) a human walking upright
b) a mother killdeer pretending to have a broken wing
c) a crane performing a courtship dance to attract a mate
d) a chimpanzee using a stick to get food from a hard-to-reach area

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