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How does Earth's magnetic field resemble that of an electromagnet?
a) Earth's magnetic field is caused by the alignment of magnetic domains
b) Electric current flows in coils inside Earth
c) both fields are caused by the motion of charged particles
d) gravity affects the shape of both fields

The fact that all organisms have DNA as their genetic material is evidence that
a) all organisms undergo natural selection
b) all organisms may have descended from a common ancestor
c) selective breeding takes place every day
d) genetic resistance rarely occurs

Which of the following is true about the tree of life?
a) the tree of life includes only fossils
b) the tree of life includes all known organisms
c) the tree of life is a complete record of life on Earth
d) the tree of life is the same as the fossil record

Which of the following is not a physical property of matter?
a) state
b) color
c) luster
d) pH

Which group of the Periodic Table includes the most reactive nonmetals?
a) group 2
b) group 9
c) group 17
d) group 18

Which statement applies to the transition metals?
a) they are very reactive compared to other metals
b) they display a very wide range of properties
c) they tend to gain electrons easily
d) they have similar properties to one another

How does the fossil record help scientist learn how species have changed over time?
a) scientists use the fossil record to determine how fossils are formed
b) scientists use the fossil record to examine the DNA of extinct organisms
c) scientists use the fossil record to look for relationships between extinct and living organisms
d) scientists use the fossil record to determine the age of the Earth

Carbon-14 can be used to determine the age of objects up to
a) 10,000 years old
b) 50,000 years old
c) 1,000,000 years old
d) 50,000,000 years old

Why do parts of Earth's history lack a fossil record?
a) only organisms that lived on land can form fossils
b) fossils of extinct organisms cannot be found
c) only animals form fossils so no fossil record of plants is known
d) fossils are rare because specific conditions are necessary for fossils to form

Which of the following is not evidence that supports Darwin's theory of Natural Selection?
a) gaps in the fossil record
b) historical sequence of life found in the fossil record
c) fossils of more primitive life forms found in lower sedimentary layers
d) vestigial structures

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