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Which one of the following does not represent a mixture
a) grape juice
b) water from a freshwater lake
c) a popsicle
d) distilled water

A mixture composed of substances that are spread evenly throughout is called
a) a liquid
b) a suspension
c) homogeneous
d) heterogeneous

Reactivity is the ability of substances to combine and form new substances. What substance listed below exhibits chemical reactivity when combined with vinegar?
a) water
b) baking soda
c) sugar
d) cooking oil

In what way is a successful experiment never the final step in a scientific investigation?
a) the results may later be proven wrong
b) scientists have to keep investigating so that they have work to do
c) the data from an experiment lead to new questions and further investigations
d) the experiment is not complete until a new theory is proposed

Which of the following is not part of Darwin's theory of natural selection?
a) more offspring are born than will live to become adults
b) individuals that have favorable traits are more likely to survive and reproduce
c) all organisms within a species have the same number of offspring
d) individuals in a population are different from one another. some of those differences are genetic traits

Which process causes substances to react to form one or more new substances?
a) chemical change
b) physical change
c) evaporation
d) freezing

Which of these is the appropriate SI unit for measuring a chemical to place in a test tube during a lab experiment?
a) ounce
b) gram
c) kilogram
d) pound

The Law of Universal Gravitation states that the movement of the planets around the sun depends on
a) the composition of the planet
b) the planet's mass and distance from the sun
c) the number of moons a planet has
d) the speed at which the planet spins on its axis

The ability of substances to combine and form new substances is called
a) solubility
b) physical reactivity
c) chemical reactivity
d) malleability

Which of these would not be an example of technology?
a) using electric currents to study magnetism
b) detecting an avalanche by hearing it from a distance
c) monitoring a tornado with tiny radio transmitters
d) recording changes in the rain forest by comparing satellite photos

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