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Compared to land in the east, western land was _______.
a) cheap
b) expensive
c) rocky
d) poor quality

Supporters of manifest destiny at this time thought the US should own/control ____.
a) All land from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean
b) Hawaii
c) Guam
d) Alaska

Why did so many people head west in 1849?
a) Gold was found in California
b) People were trying to avoid the Civil War
c) The port of Sand Diego was hiring thousands of workers
d) To fight in the war with Mexico

Why was the development of overland trails important?
a) It gave people an opportunity to travel on established routes while going west which made the trip easier
b) It provided competition for railroad companies
c) It provided paved roads to take out west
d) Oregon Trail

Which of the following was NOT an economic opportunity for those moving west.
a) railroad jobs
b) logging jobs
c) farming
d) looking for gold

For a slave, ____________ would be the main factor in wanting to move west.
a) freedom
b) farming
c) logging
d) gold

__________________ are examples of cheaper and faster transportation that became available from 1801-1861.
a) rivers, canals, and steamboats
b) buses, trains, and cars
c) horses, bicycles, and wagons
d) walking, horses, and trains

The belief that expansion was the right of the country and good for it was known as ________.
a) manifest destiny
b) The Monroe Doctrine
c) The Great Society
d) The New Deal

Population growth in the ________ states influenced westward movement.
a) eastern
b) southern
c) western
d) northern

Availability of __________ influenced westward movement.
a) cheap, fertile land
b) automobiles
c) factory jobs
d) railroad jobs

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