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What was Old Major's dream?
a) To see all of his 400 children grow up
b) To help all the animals escape from the farm
c) To kill Jones
d) To overthrow Jones and all humans

What country is the novel's setting?
a) U.S.
b) Canada
c) Ireland
d) England

Who is the real enemy?
a) Man
b) Snowball
c) Old Major
d) Mr. Jones

Which one of these was NOT one of the 7 things that Old Major said the animals must NEVER do?
a) Sleep in a bed
b) Wear clothes
c) Drink alcohol
d) Engage in a trade

What broke up the meeting in the barn?
a) Mr. Jones came in to feed the animals
b) The animals started singing, which woke up Mr. Jones
c) A dog started chasing the cat
d) The men started a riot--wanting to take back what was theirs

What happened to Old Major?
a) He died in his sleep
b) He left with a few animals who believed in his dream
c) He became bacon
d) He was sold at the market

What is animalism?
a) Old Major's book
b) An attack of one animal against another
c) Mr. Jones' nickname for the animals' meeting
d) A system of thought based on Old Major's teachings

What brought about the rebellion?
a) The animals broke down the shed door and the farmhands attacked them
b) Napoleon was sold at market
c) Old Major's death
d) Mr. Jones was planning on selling the farm

What was thrown on the fire?
a) the animals killed in the rebellion
b) Boxer's straw hat
c) whips and tools
d) Mr. Jones' alcohol stash

What happened to the milk?
a) It was given to the sick animals
b) The pigs took it (and drank it)
c) It was given to Boxer because he worked hard
d) The rats stole it

What was Boxer's motto?
a) All for one farm!
b) Two legs good, four legs bad
c) I will work harder
d) Four legs good, two legs bad

What are the symbols used on the green flag of the future Republic of the Animals?
a) grain and wings
b) hoof and horn
c) circle and shovel
d) hand and foot

What happened on Sundays?
a) The animals held a general assembly known as the Meeting
b) The animals recited a pledge of allegiance to Old Major
c) Breakfast was the only meal served
d) The animals played games all day

Who did the animals use to spread the word of the rebellion to the other farms?
a) Moses
b) Mollie
c) Pigeons
d) Rats

Which animal can be compared to Julius Caesar?
a) Napoleon
b) Snowball
c) Squealer
d) Jones

What keeps the animals motivated to do more work?
a) The threat of Mr. Jones
b) The pigs are cruel rulers who will hurt them
c) The fear of the world ending
d) The lack of food that has been produced

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