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Which of the following actions would not help maintain biodiversity?
a) protecting individual species
b) protecting forests and wetlands
c) preventing industrial wastes from being dumped in the ocean
d) increasing consumption of natural resources

How do branching diagrams help scientists analyze fossils and living organisms?
a) branching diagrams are used to identify, and show relationships between organisms
b) branching diagrams are used to identify, and show all of the characteristics of organisms
c) branching diagrams are used to identify and show all organisms
d) branching diagrams are used to identify organisms and show their ages

Which of the following is true about flammability?
a) flammability is a physical property
b) flammability is a chemical property
c) flammability is not a property
d) flammability is not a characteristic property

An element is shiny, brittle, and a poor conductor of electricity. Which of the following is the best classification for the element?
a) metal
b) nonmetal
c) metalloid
d) transition metal

Which animals on a branching diagram are the most closely related?
a) the two at the top of the diagram
b) the two at the bottom of the diagram
c) any two animals next to each other
d) the animals on each end on the diagram

A Siberian Tiger and a common house cat do not belong to the same
a) order
b) species
c) class
d) family

What is the source of the magnetic field of a sloenoid?
a) protons moving inside a bar magnet
b) electrons moving in a coil of wire
c) the interaction of a current and the EArth's magnetic field
d) a moving magnet

Biological classification schemes change
a) as new evidence and more kinds of organisms are discovered
b) about every 100 years
c) when scientists disagree
d) only once

Which of these is the best description of what type of scientists work with engineers to develop new technologies?
a) physicists and chemists
b) technology specialists
c) scientists from any specialty
d) mathematicians

Why does Jupiter's gravity have a tiny effect on Earth even though it is the largest planet?
a) planets do not affect one another through gravity
b) the Sun's gravitational force is so strong that it hides Jupiter's
c) Earth is not large enough to be affected by Jupiter
d) Jupiter has a small gravitational pull because it is very distant

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