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How many atoms are represented in the formula CaCO3?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

What do you end up with if you cut a magnet in half?
a) one north-pole piece and one south-pole piece
b) two unmagnetized pieces of metal
c) two pieces each with a north pole and a south pole
d) two north-pole pieces

Which of these changes would increase the strength of an electromagnet?
a) use a plastic core instead of a metal core
b) add more coils of wire
c) make the wire coils bigger
d) alternate the direction of current

Which of these drinks is the strongest acid?
a) milk
b) tap water
c) tea
d) orange juice

What is one of the properties of a strong base?
a) sour taste
b) reacts with metal to produce hydrogen gas
c) dissolves glass
d) has a slippery feel

Which of the following elements is the least reactive?
a) nitrogen
b) gold
c) argon
d) chlorine

Which of these materials is a chemical compound?
a) lemonade
b) baking soda
c) brass
d) paper

A certain substance has a definite shape and volume, and its particles do not move fast enough to overcome the attraction between them. What do these properties indicate about the state of the substance?
a) it is a solid
b) it is a liquid
c) it is a gas
d) it is plasma

During field investigations of undisturbed rock layers, scientists can assume that the relative age of a rock layer is probably
a) determined by using radioactive decay
b) more than the age of the fossils it contains
c) less than the age of the fossils it contains
d) less than the rock layer below it

Which of these is an example of technology?
a) designing a process for making biofuel
b) writing a novel
c) climbing a mountain
d) burning wood in a campfire

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