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Which of these elements is the most reactive?
a) nitrogen
b) helium
c) neon
d) argon

How might a scientist accendentally introduce bias into an experiment?
a) by working with several other scientists instead of working alone
b) by writing down only the observations that are most interesting to him
c) by having a control group that differs from the experimental groups by only one factor
d) by working on a scientific problem at the same time that another research group is working on the same problem

Which of these is an example of a technology designed to meet an economic need?
a) the evergreen forests of the Northwest
b) nuclear power plants that produce electric current
c) archeological excavations by university researchers
d) a report on a newly discovered species

The ability of substances to combine and form new substances is called
a) solubility
b) physical reactivity
c) chemical reactivity
d) malleability

The process in which populations die out without leaving descendents is called
a) extinction
b) erosion
c) adaptation
d) evidence

What ion is produced in solution by every acid?
a) hydroxide
b) hydronium
c) oxide
d) hydroxyl

The universal law of gravitation state that the movements of the planets around the sun depend on
a) the composition of the planet
b) the planet's mass and distance from the sun
c) the number of moons a planet has
d) the speed at which the planet spins on its axis

The alkali metals are in group 1 in the Periodic Table. The atoms of alkali metals have 1 electron in the outmost level. Which of the following statements about alkali metals is true?
a) Alkali metals are generally found in their uncombined form.
b) Alkali metals have low densities
c) Alkali metals should be stored underwater
d) Alkali metals are reactive

In a laboratory investigation on changes in states of matter, Melissa observes that the melting point of water is 0 Celsius and that the freezing point of water is 0 Celsius. What can Melissa conclude from this observation?
a) both melting and freezing are exothermic reactions
b) water boils at o Celsius
c) melting and freezing can occur at the same time
d) she made an error in her measurements

When a chemical reaction occurs, atoms are never
a) ionized
b) rearranged
c) destroyed
d) vaporized

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