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The term heterogeneous means
a) not evenly mixed
b) all the same
c) unreactive
d) pure

Three species of birds on an island. Bird A has a heavy bill for eating seeds. Bird B has a pointed bill for eating insects. Bird C has a sharp bill for eating insects and seeds. If all insects suddenly disappeared, which would be least affected
a) Bird A
b) Bird B
c) Bird C
d) Bird A and Bird C

A biologist notices a species of moth has either dark or light coloration. In a certain area where the tree bark is dark, birds tend to eat the light moths more than the dar moths. Which of the following is a reasonable conclusion?
a) the light moths are more likely to lay eggs on trees with light bark
b) the light moths have a better chance of surviving than the dark moths
c) more of the light moths will survive once the dark moths have adapted
d) more of the dark moths will survive to pass their traits to their offsprig

Which of the following would most help Marie keep thorough and accurate records for her science project?
a) using a pen instead of a pencil for making sketches
b) performing experiments at home rather than at school
c) having a good memory for writing things down the next day
d) writing all her observations in a single laboratory notebook

The amount of matter present before a change is the same as the amount present after a change. This principle is called
a) the law of conservation of energy
b) the law of conservation of mass
c) photosynthesis
d) a reversible change

What happens during the chemical reaction shown by this equation? Mg+Br2 -=MgBR2
a) a metal and a nonmetal form a salt
b) a metal and a nonmetal form a molecule
c) two nonmetal elements combine to form a compound
d) Magnesium and bromine form a mixture

Two populations have developed into two species when
a) the populations adapt
b) the populations are separated
c) the populations look different
d) the populations can no longer interbreed

Which of the following applies to a correctly balanced chemical equation?
a) products and reactants have the same number of molecules
b) products and reactants have the same number of atoms for each element
c) the subscripts are the same on both sides of the equation
d) there are at least two products of the reactions

Matter composed of two or more pure substances is always
a) a disolved solid
b) a mixture
c) a liquid
d) a solution

A scientist notices that lichen are growing only on 1 side of all of the rocks in an area. How might the scientist test her idea that the lichen's growth pattern depends on the position of the growing surface?
a) Observe the rocks for a year and see if the pattern of lichen growth changes during that time
b) Collect one of the rocks and place it in a laboratory to observe whether the lichen growth pattern changes
c) Place new lichen-free rocks in the area in different positions and observe whether lichens grow on a particular side of each
d) Turn one of the rocks around and observe whether lichens grow on the other side of the rock over a period of a month

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