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A change that affects the physical properties but not the identity of a substance is
a) a reaction
b) a reduction
c) a chemical change
d) a physical change

Which of the following is an example of a suspension
a) seawater
b) gelatin
c) salad dressing
d) cooking oil

What is the first step of a scientific investigation?
a) conducting an experiment
b) asking a question
c) drawing a conclusion
d) making a prediction

Which of the following soil properties influences how nutrients can be dissolved in soil?
a) soil texture
b) soil fertility
c) soil structure
d) soil pH

Why does it take longer for Jupiter to orbit the sun than for the Earth?
a) Jupiter is larger than Earth
b) Jupiter is farther from the sun than Earth
c) Jupiter drags many more moons along with it
d) Collisions with asteroids have slowed Jupiter's motion

Smog is a type of air pollution traditionally defined as a combination of smoke and fog. When composed of particles that are too small to settle out, smog can be considered
a) a colloid
b) a suspension
c) a compound
d) an element

A beach, a cloud, and the air we breathe are examples of
a) interactions of elements
b) distillation
c) physical properties
d) mixtures occurring in nature

A change that affects the appearance or state of a substance, but not its identity is a
a) reaction
b) reduction
c) chemical change
d) physical change

Why do scientists compare fossils with living organisms?
a) to support the idea that organisms do not share ancestors
b) to support the idea that organisms have changed over time
c) to support the idea that organisms do not change over time
d) to support the idea that there are no new organisms to discover

What evidence do fossils provide scientists in relation to extinction?
a) plants and animals have not changed for billions of years
b) in spite of environmental changes, species remain the same
c) plants and animals change in response to environmental changes
d) Earth is unchanging and has remained the same for billions of years

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