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The cut that is used to cut leafy herbs and vegetables (into ribbons) is
a) Julienne
b) Slice
c) Dice
d) Chiffonade

The brunoise is a perpendicular cut from this other style of a cut (you use this other style to get the brunoise cut)
a) Julienne
b) Slice
c) Dice
d) Chiffonade

Cutting food pieces of an undefined size is called a
a) Uneven chop
b) Pork chop
c) Messy chop
d) Rough chop

The cut that looks like little squared strips (almost like a mini French fry) is called
a) Julienne
b) Slice
c) Dice
d) Brunoise

The part of the blade that goes into the handle of the knife (sometimes the entire way through) is called the
a) Tang
b) Tip
c) Rivet
d) Bolster

What is/are the primary materials used for cutting boards in a culinary kitchen?
a) Wood
b) Polypropylene
c) Ceramic
d) Both a and b

The knife with the flexible blade to curve around meat and bones is the
a) French
b) Bread
c) Paring
d) Fillet

Never put knives in the sink until they are ready to be washed
a) True
b) False

The grip we use to hold onto our food when cutting is called
a) The claw grip
b) Chef’s hold
c) Food grip
d) Tight grab

When you want to maintain the edge of your knives (get rid of nicks, burs and jags) use a
a) Whetstone
b) An electric or manual sharpener
c) Honing steel
d) Both a and b

The knife with an edge that looks like a saw is the
a) Bread knife
b) Chef’s knife
c) Paring knife
d) Tourne knife

The Santoku knife is different from the chef’s knife because
a) It is not, they are both the same knife, just a different name
b) It has scallops
c) It has a better handle for safety
d) It has a longer blade

This knife is ideal for small hand tasks and coring fruit
a) Paring knife
b) Chefs knife
c) Santoku knife
d) Utility knife

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