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Materials that should not be used in the microwave are
a) Glass
b) Metal
c) Pyrex
d) Ceramic

When using the fondue pot some safety precautions that need to be taken into consideration are
a) Do not set the fondue pot under water when cleaning
b) The food and pot are going to be very hot
c) Do not use soap when cleaning because it will wreck the finish of the metal
d) None of the above

A tip for using the deep fat fryer is to
a) Spray the basket with cooking oil before using it so the basket is non-stick
b) Make sure the oil is hot before dipping your food into it so the pieces don’t get soggy
c) Use only frozen foods
d) Preheat the fryer for at least an hour before using

Once you start the bread maker you are not allowed to stop it without making the machine’s setting start over at the first cycle
a) True
b) False

When layering your ingredients in the bread maker, follow this order from the bottom to the top
a) Butter, yeast, dry ingredients, liquid
b) Liquid, butter, yeast
c) Liquid, butter, dry ingredients, yeast
d) The order doesn’t matter as long as the water temperature is correct

A common temperature that you would set your wok to is
a) 100°F
b) 375°F
c) 500°F
d) 50°F

When setting the foods in your slow cooker follow this guideline
a) Layer your food in the crock
b) Only put the meat in, and then add the liquid after 30 minutes
c) Leave the lid off for the first hour to make sure your food doesn’t get soggy
d) None of the above

This term means that you can put the appliance fully in water
a) Invincible
b) Immersible
c) Immiscible
d) Water resistant

With a hot plate on top and bottom, this appliance cooks the food’s top and bottom at the same time so you can get your burgers, steaks, and chicken even faster!
a) Waffle iron
b) Fondue pot
c) Slow cooker
d) George Forman Grill

At one point in history, this appliance was the inspiration to make the bottom soles on shoes!
a) Waffle iron
b) Fondue pot
c) Slow cooker
d) George Forman grill

If this appliance is not correctly put together, you could get liquid all over the counter
a) Wok
b) Bread maker
c) Fryer
d) Blender

This appliance was originally created to soften hard bread to make it able to be eaten
a) Fryer
b) Fondue pot
c) Walk
d) Bread maker

This appliance is used to make stir fry
a) Slow cooker
b) Wok
c) Walk
d) Deep fryer

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