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When is it okay to re-freeze food?
a) When it is fully thawed
b) When it is partially thawed, but still firm
c) Never
d) Only on holidays

Pressure canning is used for
a) Yellow foods
b) High-acid foods like tomatoes
c) Foods that have been frozen one time
d) Low-acid foods like green beans

The best way to wrap a whole pan of lasagna is to use this wrapping method
a) Casserole wrap
b) Wal-Mart wrap
c) Bundle wrap
d) Lasagna wrap

The two types of canning are
a) Pressure and heat
b) Heat and hot water bath
c) Hot water and dry bath
d) Pressure and hot water bath

What does canning do to enzymes?
a) Kills them
b) Puts them to sleep
c) Nothing
d) Makes them speed up

This can happen to your food if air comes in contact with it in the freezer
a) Freezer burn
b) Freezer spoilage
c) Freezer mold
d) Slow Bacteria growth

The style of wrapping used to wrap pieces of food that are not the same sizes (like carrot and potato pieces) is called what? Hint: sometimes we referred to as the “hobo wrap”
a) Bundle wrap
b) Casserole wrap
c) Messy wrap
d) Drugstore wrap

What mades bananas turn brown?
a) The air
b) Moisture
c) Enzymes
d) Lactic acid

The quality of our food increases with preservation (example: a spoiled strawberry will be okay to eat again once it is preserved).
a) True
b) False

What does freezing do to enzymes?
a) speeds them up because they are cold
b) slows them down (puts them to sleep)
c) it does nothing to them
d) kills them

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