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Which of these is an example of a chemical change?
a) wood burning
b) bending a nail
c) separating a salt water solution
d) pounding a gold nugget into a sheet

When two populations can no longer interbreed, they have
a) developed similar traits and characteristics
b) developed into two species
c) developed different looks
d) adapted to their environment

A mixture composed of substances that are spread evenly throughout is called
a) a liquid
b) a suspension
c) homogeneous
d) heterogeneous

How does adaptation help an organism?
a) It helps the organism change colors
b) It improves its ability to survive and reproduce
c) I helps the organism become a fossil
d) It improves its ability to change species

Fossil records can reveal changes in the environment over time. Scientists have found fossils of marine animals on the tops of mountains in Canada. What does this tell us about the history of the environment in that area?
a) The mountains were once sediment at the bottom of an ocean
b) The ancient environment in the area did not favor fossilization
c) The ancient environment in the area was much drier than it is today
d) The mountains formed before the animals died, and their remains were fossilized

Modern scientific explanations of how species have changed over time
a) have replaced Darwin's theory
b) rely on genetics instead of natural selection
c) fail to explain how traits are inherited
d) combine the principles of natural selection and heredity

What is necessary for a substance to burn?
a) hydrogen
b) oxygen
c) helium
d) carbon

Which one of the following in the Periodic Table of Elements tells the physical state of an element at room temperature?
a) the atomic number
b) the color of the chemical symbol
c) the atomic mass
d) the element name

Which of the following statements best describes the particles of a liquid?
a) the particles are far apart and moving fast
b) the particles are close together but moving past each other
c) the particles are far apart and moving slowly
d) the particles are closely packed and vibrating in place

When using a triple-beam balance to measure mass, which is not necessary to get an accurate reading?
a) making sure the balance is on a level surface
b) ensuring minimum motion is affecting the substance
c) allowing the balance to come to a complete rest to ensure accuracy
d) using your finger to keep the beam from vibrating

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