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Indian removal act relocated thousands of Cherokees to Indian territory because
a) White miners and farmers needed the land
b) Allowed the Cherokee freedom from US control
c) Following supreme court order to remove the Cherokee
d) Creating a wilderness area for use by white fur trappers

Which of the following names is often given to the journey of African Americans who were brought to the Americas as slaves?
a) The great migration
b) Northwest passage
c) Westward expansion
d) Middle passage

Which statement best describes the location of factories in new England in the 1800's?
a) They needed coal deposits
b) They were located near rivers
c) They were in isolated areas
d) They were found near railroads

The US grew as industrial jobs increased. What new development made mass production possible?
a) Cotton gin
b) Steam engine
c) Assembly line
d) Spinning machine

Which reason best explains why Anti-Federalists finally agreed to the radification of Constitution
a) Bill of rights was added
b) George Washington
c) Desire to to create a better relationship with Federalists
d) Fear a civil war would break out

What was the first major goal of President Lincoln?
a) To destroy slavery
b) To maintain unity of the US
c) To expand power of state governments
d) To industrialize the economy

The term secession refers to which action taken by southern states before the American Civil War?
a) Leaving the Union
b) Voting to be slave or free
c) Eliminating the Constitution
d) Compromising before the Civil War

Which action abolished slavery?
a) 13 amendment
b) 14 amendment
c) 15 amendment
d) 19 amendment

A violation of civil rights that occurred during World War 2 was:
a) Arrests made as a result of the Palmer raids
b) Passage of open immigration law
c) Internment of Japanese Americans
d) Forced removal of Native Americans

The court case Brown v Board of Education made this illegal?
a) Labor unions
b) Segregation
c) Women's suffrage
d) Draft

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