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Eli Whitney's cotton gin
a) removed seeds from cotton
b) was a machine for picking cotton
c) was a machine for weaving cotton cloth
d) spun cotton into thread

During WW I, the United States, Great Britain, and France formed the
a) United Nations
b) Centra Powers
c) Allied Powers
d) European Alliance

Early Spanish settlers went to all of the following areas, EXCEPT
a) Florida
b) the Caribbean Islands
c) Mexico
d) Oregon

What helped to speed up settlement of the United States in the early 1900s?
a) covered wagons
b) railroads
c) highways
d) the purchase of Alaska

In 1867, Canada became a dominion, or a(n)
a) independent nation
b) ally of the United States
c) territory owned by Great Britain
d) self-governing area

The Commonwealth of Nations is made up of
a) the United States and Canada
b) Canada, Australia, and Japan
c) Canada, Great Britain, and France
d) former British colonies

William Penn was unusual because
a) he was a Quaker
b) he paid the Native Americans for their land
c) he allowed only people of his own religion to settle in Pennsylvania
d) after founding Pennsylvania Colony, he went to live among Native Americans

Reconstruction was a plan to
a) free enslaved people
b) end the Civil War
c) change the economic basis of the South from farming to manufacturing.
d) rebuild the South

The Louisiana Purchase consisted of all the land
a) west of the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean
b) west of the Mississippi River to the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains
c) along the Mississippi River from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico
d) west of the Mississippi River to the western side of the Rocky Mountains

The Indian Removal Act affected Native Americans in which part of the United States?
a) western
b) northeastern
c) southeastern
d) southwestern

Ships can travel from Duluth, Minnesota, to the Atlantic Ocean on the
a) Great Lakes
b) St. Lawrence Seaway
c) Erie Canal
d) Hudson River and Hudson Bay

Where was the first permanent English settlement in North America?
a) Jamestown, Virginia
b) Plymouth, Massachusetts
c) Boston, Massachusetts
d) Providence, Rhode Island

Some scientists think people migrated to North America from Asia by
a) walking across the frozen Arctic Ocean during the Ice Age
b) crossing an exposed land bridge
c) sailing across the Bering Strait
d) paddling large canoes

To attract settlers to the Midwest, the United States government gave them free
a) transportation
b) housing
c) land
d) farm animals and tools

Who sent Lewis and Clark on their expedition to explore the West?
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) John Adams
d) Andrew Jackson

Why did the United States go to war in World Wa II?
a) Japan attacked Great Britain
b) Japan attacked the United States
c) Germany attacked France
d) Germany attacked the United States

Which of the following was a result of the Industrial Revolution?
a) a lot more people were able to find jobs that paid well
b) the labor force won many rights
c) life got easier for the middle class and the rich
d) life got easier for immigrants

Which treaty was signed in 1783 and made American independence official?
a) French and British Treaty
b) Revolutionary War Treaty
c) British-North American Treaty
d) Treaty of Paris

Canada's government is a
a) parliamentary democracy
b) governor-generalship
c) monarchy
d) republic

The purpose of NAFTA is to:
a) resolve trade between North and South America
b) encourage trade between North and South America
c) encourage trade between Mexico, the United States and Canada.
d) promote cultural cooperation among North America nations

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