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What is a reference point?
a) a change in position
b) the difference between the first position and the final position of an object
c) a stationary object
d) a measure of the distance an object travels per unit of time

What is speed?
a) mass x velocity
b) final speed - initial speed / total time
c) time / distance
d) distance / time

Which motion does not involve acceleration?
a) a jet cruising on a straight path
b) a car speeding up
c) a train going around a curve
d) a car stopping

What can be found by looking at a car's speedometer?
a) constant speed
b) instantaneous speed
c) average speed
d) momentum

What kind of speed involves traveling the same distance each second?
a) constant speed
b) instantaneous speed
c) average speed
d) momentum

Cameron drove his motorcycle 180 miles in 4 1/2 hours. What was his average speed?
a) 45 mph
b) 4.5 mph
c) 4 mph
d) 40 mph

A car was moving at 14 m/s. After 30 s, its speed increased to 20 m/s. What was the acceleration during this time?
a) .2 m/s2
b) 2 m/s2
c) 1 m/s2
d) .1 m/s2

Which have the same velocity?
a) a plane flying at 200 mph and a jet flying at 200 mph
b) a train traveling 40 km/h north and a train traveling 40 km/h south
c) a bicyclist traveling north at 5 mph and a person running north at 5 mph
d) a car stopping and a car at rest

Which could be described by the expression 75 mph
a) distance
b) acceleration
c) velocity
d) speed

On a distance-time graph of the motion of an object, what does a horizontal line represent?
a) The object is not moving
b) The object is moving on level ground
c) The object is slowing down
d) The object is speeding up

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