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Why was Elizabeth's hanging postponed?
a) John offered to take her place in court.
b) She is pregnant.
c) She was a woman.
d) She confessed.

Who was pressed to death by stones?
a) John Proctor
b) Francis Nurse
c) Giles Corey
d) Elizabeth Proctor

What month did Betty and Abigail begin to have fits?
a) January
b) February
c) March
d) April

Who is the current maid of John and Elizabeth Proctor?
a) Mercy Lewis
b) Abigail Williams
c) Betty Parris
d) Mary Warren

How many of Ann Putnam's babies were murdered by unnatural causes
a) 1
b) 3
c) 5
d) 7

Who is Reverend Parris' slave?
a) Mercy Lewis
b) Tituba
c) Abigail Williams
d) Mary Warren

Who wrote The Crucible?
a) Dr. Suess
b) Harper Lee
c) F. Scott Fitzgerald
d) Arthur MIller

The Puritans saw God as a ____________.
a) stern judge and taskmaker
b) loving creator
c) gentle father
d) good friend

Who was the main judge during the trials?
a) Deputy Governor Danforth
b) Judge Hathorne
c) Reverend John Hale
d) Reverend Parris

What year did the Salem Witch Trials take place?
a) 1691
b) 1692
c) 1693
d) 1694

Witches and Wizards couldn't recite the ______.
a) Declaration of Indepence
b) The Lord's Prayer
c) the gael expectations
d) theory of evolution

Where was Tituba born?
a) Dominica
b) Haiti
c) Cuba
d) Barbados

What is the name of the court commissioned to try accused witches in Salem?
a) Court of Proctor and Parris
b) Court of Oyer and Terminer
c) Salem v Witches
d) Court of Danforth and Hathorne

Where was the place that the convicted witches were taken to be executed?
a) Gallows Hill
b) Hanging Hill
c) Hill of the Witches
d) Bewitched Hill

Witnesses often testified that an accused witch asked them to sign what?
a) a peice of paper
b) the bible
c) The Devil's Book
d) the wall of their house

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