TCAP Review In Science Computer Lab Question Preview (ID: 1882)

Review Of Tennessee 8th Grade Science Standards.

Which of these causes a chemical change in matter?
a) freezing
b) chopping
c) burning
d) melting

Carrie tests the stream behind her house each year to find out if the water quality has changed. This year the water in the stream had a pH of 6.0 according to the pH meter. What describes the pH of the water in the stream?
a) strongly acidic
b) slightly basic
c) strongly basic
d) slightly acidic

Which of these is a biotic factor in a prairie biome?
a) grass
b) water
c) sunlight
d) soil

Earth has limited resources from which to draw energy. Which of these represents a renewable resource humans could use to help meet the demand for energy?
a) coal
b) wind
c) oil
d) gas

Which of the following is an example of sexual reproduction?
a) budding
b) cross pollination
c) forming spores
d) fission

Which of these causes rocks to break down by physical means?
a) rusting of iron in rocks
b) burrowing animals
c) lichens that release acids
d) acid rain

Dale\'s mother has straight hair and his father has curly hair. Dale and his three sisters all have curly hair. Which type of trait is curly hair?
a) dominant
b) majority
c) attractive
d) recessive

Which of these is an example of asexual reproduction?
a) hibernation
b) meiosis
c) binary fission
d) fertilization

The advantage of using a concentrated solution over a diluted solution in a chemical reaction is that the concentrated solution provides __________________________________.
a) far less volume
b) fewer particles per unit
c) greater ease of pouring
d) reduced reaction time

Under certain conditions, hydrogen gas and oxygen gas will react to form water. If 20 grams of hydrogen completely reacts with 160 grams of oxygen, how many grams of water will be formed?
a) 20 grams
b) 180 grams
c) 160 grams
d) 40 grams

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