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With which statement would the author most likely agree?
a) It is good to belong to cliques so you will feel like you belong.
b) If a clique will not let you in their group, do whatever it takes to get in.
c) When considering where you want to belong, ask your friends for help.
d) Good friendship skills allow you to have true and lasting popularity.

How does the author organize paragraphs 13 through 17?
a) by stating ways to cope with cliques
b) by comparing cliques with groups of friends
c) by listing ways to be able to stay in a clique
d) by identifying problems with staying out of a clique

Which of the following is the best summary of the section Why Do Cliques Attract People?
a) Cliques attract people who want to be told what to do. People in cliques think they're better others but are pathetic.
b) Cliques attract people who want to feel safe, want control over others, or want clear rules. Most people grow out cliques.
c) Cliques attract young people, but eventually the attraction wears off. People leave when they realize they're hurting others.
d) Cliques attract people who want to be popular since cliques try to define what is cool for the whole school.

Which sentence from the review best supports the claim that there is a real secret to being popular and having friends?
a) If you're in a clique, don't let the group pressure you into giving up things you love or...
b) So if you want to have friends, be just the kind of friend you'd like to have.
c) Cliques give people who like to take control a chance to be in charge (for good or bad?).
d) Usually, friendship groups form around the things people have in common.

The reader can conclude that the reviewer of this article believes that --
a) cliques are a thing of the past
b) friendships you have will last forever
c) you shouldn't let cliques pressure you
d) being in a clique is always a good thing

The author wrote this article most likely to --
a) inform the reader why cliques are better to join as students
b) entertain the reader with personal stories about young people
c) persuade the reader to not join a clique while in high school
d) inform the reader of characteristics of cliques and friendships

Look at the information: Groups of friends allows people to belong to several groups at once, but a clique _______________. Which of these belongs on the blank line?
a) makes all members feel welcome and supported
b) insists that members do everything together or with other cool people
c) helps people learn good friendship skills
d) protects people from the pressures and rules of other friendship groups

What is the correct meaning of quirk as it is used in paragraph 3?
a) a sudden twist or curve
b) an accident
c) a peculiar trait
d) a groove in a piece of architectural trim

From the information given in this article, you can infer --
a) cliques are less of a concern today then in the past
b) cliques are a common concern in schools today
c) cliques have been a problem for young people throughout history
d) cliques have evolved over time

Which of the following best describes the author's purpose in writing this article?
a) to explain some problems cliques cause and how to deal with them
b) to describe the pros and cons of being in a clique
c) to make a case for joining a clique when you first enter high school
d) to present an argument for never joining a clique

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