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The following were important events that showed success of Civil Rights movement except:
a) Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed
b) Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes were first blacks admitted to UGA
c) Hamilton Holmes was elected governor
d) Maynard Jackson was first black mayor of major U.S, city

What was the Albany Movement?
a) Members of the SNCC went to Albany to help the NCAAP with protests
b) It was an effort to desegregate bus and train stations.
c) It was an example of the civil rights movement in New York
d) Both A and B

Which is not true about Lester Maddox?
a) He was reelected as governor in 1970.
b) He was the last segregationists governor in GA
c) He appointed more blacks to office than all previous governors.
d) He integrated the GA State Patrol

What was the SNCC?
a) organization of young black men who fought desegreation in Georgia
b) organization of black preachers who supported MLK
c) the first boy band of the 1960s
d) organization of college students who adopted MLK's non-violent approach to change

For his efforts in the Civil rights Movement he was given the Nobel Peach Prize and later assassinated.
a) Martin Luther King, Jr.
b) Atticus Haygood
c) Jimmy Carter
d) John Wilkes Booth

What was the commission's decision?
a) All Georgia public schools should close
b) each school district should decide to integrate or close
c) Georgia should refuse federal money for education and keep the schools segregated
d) All schools must integrate by 1965

Who spoke out against segregation in the 1940s, was Pres. of Morehouse College, and mentor to MLK?
a) Thurgood Marshall
b) Benjamin Mays
c) John Lewis
d) Hamlton Holmes

Brown v. Board of Educ. decision stated
a) that separate but equal should be a state choice
b) upheld Plessy v. Ferguson
c) allowed states to segregate students legally
d) that separate is inherently unequal and segregation of schoold was unconstitutional

How did the General Assembly show opposition to desegration?
a) Nullified the Brown v. Board of Education decision
b) Changed the state flag to Confederate battle flag
c) Closed schools instead of integrating them
d) All of the above.

What was commissioned in 1960 to decide what to do about integration in Georgia?
a) the Brown Commission
b) The Gang of Four Commission
c) The Sibley Commission
d) The Talmadge Commission

Which events showed GA's resistance to integration?
a) Gov.Herman Talmadge spoke against Brown v. Board of Education
b) General Assembly changed the state flag to Conf. Battle flag.
c) Gov. Talmadge stood in doorway of Decatur High School and said no blacks could enter.
d) Both A and C

What was probably the most important issue in Georgia politics between the years 1946-1968?
a) 18 year old citizens could vote
b) prison reform
c) juvenile system reform
d) race relations

What was an important factor of the 1946 governor's race to the civil Rights Movement?
a) James Carmichael lost the primary because of the county unit system.
b) Republicans won governorship.
c) Eugene Talmadge died before sworn into office.
d) Mickey Mouse became new governor.

Andrew Young had a great impact on the state of GA because
a) he was instrumental in bringing the Olympics to Atlanta in 1996
b) he was a very successful mayor bringing international business to the city
c) he was the first black congressman from GA in the 20th c.
d) All of the above

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