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Chickens are a _______
a) mammal
b) bird
c) roosters
d) egg

Roosters are _______________.
a) males
b) females

Hens are ______________.
a) female
b) male

Chickens come from ________.
a) world
b) hens
c) roosters
d) eggs

People take ____________into their home.
a) roosters
b) pets
c) chickens
d) dolphins

Dogs wag their ____________.
a) tails
b) home
c) stand
d) fish

For many days our ship was ______at sea.
a) world
b) scared
c) tossed
d) family

The ship had ____________something.
a) winds
b) struck
c) boats
d) sailors

I begged the _______________ to wait for us.
a) sailors
b) dolphins
c) pets
d) chickens

Water __________in.
a) poured
b) blew
c) winds
d) Captain

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