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Which was true of Darwin's experiences while in the Galapagos?
a) Darwin realized that the birds were all new species.
b) Darwin noticed that the mockingbirds varied.
c) Darwin understood how species could change over time.
d) Darwin saw that the tortoises and finches showed variation of characteristics.

Which is a requirement of the process of evolution by natural selection?
a) genetic variation
b) environmental change
c) species remain unchanged
d) all offspring survive and reproduce

What is likely to happen to a tree species that cannot adapt to frequent fires?
a) mutation
b) overproduction
c) extinction
d) variation

Which would NOT be an adaptation to cold weather?
a) long hair
b) hibernation
c) migration
d) brown fur

Some harmless species imitate a poisonous species as a means for increased survival. This is an example of what?
a) camouflage
b) mimicry
c) variation
d) mutation

Having a body part that looks like food to another organism is an example of what?
a) camouflage
b) mimicry
c) behavioral adaptation
d) exotic species

Which is the process by which adaptations are more likely to be inherited while traits that are not advantageous are less likely to be inherited?
a) selective breeding
b) natural selection
c) behavioral adaptation
d) structural adaptation

Which is a behavior adaptation?
a) mimicry of coloration
b) camouflage
c) building specialized nests
d) strong legs for running and jumping

Which is an example of a structural adaptation?
a) tool use of finches
b) herd of elk
c) dam-building of beavers
d) long ears of a desert rabbit

Which is the expected result of natural selection?
a) extinction
b) diversity of life
c) mutations
d) blending of species

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