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How does a can opener make it easier to open a can?
a) the surface area of the can decreases
b) it increases the force applied to the can
c) the friction keeping the can sealed decreases
d) the amount of gravity acting on the can increases

When does an object have the least amount of kinetic energy?
a) when it stops
b) before it starts
c) when it changes directions
d) when it is falling

How do you know whether or not a person is working?
a) by how long they are sitting on the job
b) by how long they are standing on the job
c) by if they are moving an object
d) by how fast they are walking

What information is needed to estimate the amount of potential energy of an object on a shelf?
a) the volume and mass of the box
b) the mass of the shelf and mass of the box
c) the mass of the object and the height of the shelf
d) the volume of the box and height of the shelf

Which car in a race has the lowest average speed?
a) the car that is in front of all the others
b) the car in the middle of the pack
c) the car that is behind all the others
d) the car that crosses the finish line second

Which simple machine increases the distance over which a load travels and reduces the needed force?
a) wheel and axle
b) wedge
c) pulley
d) inclined plane

Which simple machines are used to form a wheelbarrow?
a) lever, pulley
b) wheel and axle, lever
c) inclined plane, wedge
d) wedge, wheel and axle

Which simple machine is most efficient for lifting objects high off the ground?
a) pulley
b) screw
c) wedge
d) lever

The amount of work done on an object is obtained by multiplying
a) input force by output force
b) force and distance
c) x and y
d) accelration and velocity

The rate at which work is done is called
a) strength
b) joule
c) power
d) mechanical advantage

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