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A lever with a mechanical advantage greater than 1 is used to
a) increase force and change direction
b) increase force
c) change direction
d) increase distance

Inertia varies depending on
a) velocity
b) motion
c) mass
d) force

Which of the following devices does not make use of electrical energy
a) toaster
b) upright piano
c) digital camera
d) radio

The SI unit that is used to measure time is the
a) second
b) meter
c) kelvin
d) kilogram

A horizontal line on a velocity/time graph shows ________ acceleration
a) zero
b) positive
c) changing
d) negative

The path of a projectile is
a) straight
b) always vertical
c) curved
d) always horizontal

Studying the effect of one thing on another in order to test a hypothesis is a(n)
a) constant
b) exercise
c) problem
d) experiment

motion is a change in
a) position
b) time
c) speed
d) velocity

An arrangement of pulleys designed to reduce the effort force is called a
a) simple pulley
b) block and tackle
c) movable pulley
d) fixed pulley

3 m/s north is an example of a(n)
a) position
b) speed
c) velocity
d) acceleration

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