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Using a curling iron uses what to forms of energy?
a) electrical to thermal
b) chemical to thermal
c) thermal to nuclear
d) sound to chemical

Which of the following changes chemical energy to mechanical energy?
a) a fan that is plugged into an outlet
b) using a battery to make a toy car move
c) a nightlight
d) a curling iron used to straighten your hair

Which will change when a metal train track gets hot during the summer?
a) the length
b) the weight
c) the color
d) the chemical make up

Hannah noticed that during the summer, the tires on her mother's car seemed a bit larger than during the winter. Which is most likely the reason for this?
a) The water particles in the tires expand during the summer and contract during the winter.
b) The rubber on the tires contract during the summer and expand during the winter.
c) The air particles in the tires contract when they get hot and expand when they get cold.
d) The air particles in the tires expand when they get hot during the summer and expand. During the winter, they contract.

A person is sitting in car during the summer and burns themselves on the metal seatbelt buckle. Which best represents the sequence of thermal energy transfer?
a) conduction, convection
b) conduction, radiation
c) radiation, conduction
d) radiation, convection

A student heats some water in a pan on a stove. The handle of the pan gets hot. Which is most likely true about the handle?
a) The handle is made of wood.
b) The handle is made of plastic.
c) The handle is a conductor
d) The handle is an insulator

Why did no one use black foam for our penguin project?
a) Dark colors absorb more heat.
b) Dark colors reflect more heat.
c) Dark colors scatter more heat.
d) Dark colors refract more heat.

Which is considered a good conductor of heat?
a) aluminum, because it allows heat to flow easily
b) glass, because it does not allow heat to flow easily
c) plastic, because heat is able to flow easily
d) silver, because heat is unable to flow easily

What will most likely happen when warm water is added to a bowl of cold water?
a) The colder water particles will lose thermal energy, and the warmer ones will gain thermal energy.
b) The warmer water particles will lose thermal energy, and the colder one will gain thermal energy.
c) The warm and cold water particles will both gain thermal energy.
d) The warm and cold water particles will both lose thermal energy.

Why should you not use metal utensils when cooking?
a) Because the heat from the pan will move through the metal to the metal utensil and burn you.
b) Because the heat from the air will move to the pan and to your hand.
c) Because the heat will radiate to your hand.
d) Because the radiated heat will travel through the air to your hand.

Harold has warmed some serving plates in the oven before he serves his family a meal. What is the most likely reason Harold has done this?
a) Harold does not want the serving plates to crack when he places warm food on them.
b) Harold wants his brothers and sisters to learn not to grab hot plates.
c) By warming the plates, Harold can cool the food long enough for the family to eat it.
d) The warm plates will help keep the food warmer for a longer period of time.

Caroline is cooking dinner on her stove when she accidentally touches the hot stove. Which is most responsible for her burn?
a) Radiation
b) Conduction
c) Convection
d) Microwaves

What is the order of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (radiation) from GREATEST energy to LEAST energy?
a) radio waves, x-rays, visible light
b) x-rays, radio waves, gamma rays
c) gamma rays, light waves, radio waves
d) light waves, ultraviolet waves, gamma rays

Ms. Kelly had one pot of hot water and a cold stone that she took out of the freezer. What will happen when she adds the cold stone to the hot water?
a) The water will turn as cold as the stone has been.
b) The stone will turn as hot has the water has been.
c) The water will get cooler and the stone will get hotter.
d) The water will get hotter and the stone will get cooler.

A material that is a good conductor....
a) heats and cools slowly
b) heats and cools quickly
c) heats up quickly and cools down slowly
d) heats up slowly and cools down quickly

Why do we see a green apple as green?
a) All the colors but green are reflected
b) All the colors but green are absorbed
c) Red,blue, and violet are reflected and green, orange, and yellow are reflected
d) Green is absorbed

Nikhil is making himself a drink to take to the playground. He adds lots of ice to his drink but after 30 minutes, all the ice has melted. Why is that?
a) The heat from the surrounding air and water heated and melted the ice.
b) The coldness from the ice went into the air.
c) The coldness from the air went into the water.
d) The heat from the water went through the cup to the air.

Sara is heating some soup for dinner. What process allows the soup to be heated all the way through?
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) transpiration

How do mittens help us during the winter?
a) Mittens help keep the cold from coming in to our hands.
b) Mittens stop all thermal energy from leaving our body.
c) Mittens stop the cold from leaving our bodies.
d) Mittens slow down the heat lost from our bodies.

When a bowl of hot soup begins to cool, where does the heat go?
a) the coolness from the bowl goes to the hot soup
b) the heat from the soup mixes with the coolness from the bowl
c) the heat from the bowl goes to the cold soup
d) the heat from the soup moves into the surrounding air

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