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What are water molecules like in a lilquid state?
a) They are close together and very still
b) They are close together in a circle
c) They are far away from each other and moving around.
d) They are close together and moving all around

Which is true about water vapor?
a) The molecules are stuck together
b) The molecules are spaced far apart
c) It is invisible
d) It is an example of condensation

Surface Currents are caused by
a) warm and cold temperatures
b) density of water
c) winds
d) salinity

Pick the correct path of the water cycle
a) condensation, precipitation, collection, evaporation
b) collection, condensation, transpiration, precipitation, evaporation
c) runoff, groundwater, collection, precipitation
d) condensation, evaporation, precipitation, collection

The boiling point of fresh water is
a) 200 degrees C
b) 212 degrees C
c) 0 degrees C
d) 100 degrees C

The boiling point of salt water is
a) equal to the boiling point of fresh water
b) higher than the boiling point of fresh water
c) 212 degrees F
d) 100 degrees F

In a water molecule
a) The oxygen atoms are positively charged
b) the atoms are arranged in a straight line.
c) There are 2 oxygen atoms.
d) The hydrogen atoms have a positive charge

What are molecules made of?
a) atoms that are chemically combined
b) 2 or more different elements
c) protons, neutrons and electrons
d) hydrogen and oxygen atoms

The following bodies of water are fresh water sources:
a) ponds, precipitation, snow, ocean
b) glaciers, oceans, icebergs
c) glaciers, lakes, rivers, ponds
d) ponds, glaciers,icebergs, ocean

Water has special properties because
a) of capillary action
b) water is a polar molecule
c) water is a universal solvent
d) of its special density

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