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The United States government is divided into three parts the
a) federal, legislative, and executive
b) legislative, executive, judicial
c) executive, olympics, judicial
d) local, executive, and judicial

What does tax money help build?
a) restaurants
b) public roads
c) gas stations
d) movie theaters

Which branch of government is responsible for carrying out laws?
a) judicial
b) legislative
c) executive
d) senate

Which level of government makes laws for the whole country?
a) local
b) national
c) state
d) county

Who makes the laws for the state?
a) the police
b) president
c) state legislature
d) state courts

Which statement is true about the legislative branch of government?
a) Congress is made up of three parts.
b) Congress decides what the laws mean.
c) The president appoints the members of congress.
d) Congress is responsible for making the laws.

What is the name of the leader of the state government?
a) mayor
b) governor
c) president
d) city council

The president belongs to which branch.
a) executive
b) legislative
c) judicial
d) congress

Which branch of government does the mayor belong to?
a) judicial
b) executive
c) legislative
d) city council

Our democracy is an example of a
a) direct democracy
b) monarchy
c) representative democracy
d) British rule

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