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If a story has step by step instructions, this an example of
a) problem/solution
b) entertainment
c) sequencing
d) cause and effect

The words under a picture are known as a
a) heading
b) caption
c) title
d) chart

Cardinals are pretty is an example of a(n)
a) opinion
b) fact

All birds need food and water is a(n)
a) fact
b) opinion

What is the verb in this sentence? He rode his bike to school on Thursday.
a) he
b) his
c) rode
d) bike

Which sentence has commas used in a series correctly?
a) The butterflies ants, and flies are all invading the flower garden.
b) The boys brought volleyballs, kites, and footballs to play with at the beach.
c) Today is cold, wet and rainy.

When writing an address where does the comma come?
a) Americus Georgia, 31256
b) Americus, Georgia 31256
c) Americus Georgia 31256,

Which sentence has commas used correctly?
a) John Susan, and Mark can come to my party.
b) John Susan Mark can come to my party.
c) John, Susan, and Mark can come to my party.
d) John, Susan and Mark can come to my party.

The Statue of liberty is found in the harbor in New York. Which word needs fixed?
a) the to They
b) liberty to Liberty
c) New York to new york
d) is to are

After we drove to atlanta, we went to a fun museum full of lots of cool artifacts. Which word needs to be capitalized?
a) museum
b) drove
c) we
d) atlanta

Which sentences uses commas correctly?
a) We had a party on July, 4 2013.
b) We, had a party on July 4, 2013.
c) We had a party on July 4, 2013.
d) We had a party on, July 4 2013.

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