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1. Which university was the first land grant university that opened its door to all of the public?
a) a. University of Georgia
b) b. Georgia Tech
c) c. Atlanta- Clark University
d) d. Emory University

2. Which capital was the third capital of the state?
a) a. Louisville
b) b. Atlanta
c) c. Midgeville
d) d. Savannah

3. Which two religions were the largest denominations after the American Revolution?
a) a. Baptist and Methodist
b) b. Methodist and Protestant
c) c. Catholic and Protestant
d) d. Baptist and Protestant

4. Which two systems were used to distribute land during this time?
a) a. Headright system and Land Lottery
b) b. Land Lottery and Master Lottery
c) c. Ownership Bid and Master Lottery
d) d. Land Lottery and Master Lottery

5. Which two new inventions helped Georgia prosper?
a) a. Cotton gin and Railroads
b) b. Railroads and Weaving Machine
c) c. Telegrapher and Cotton Gin
d) d. Cotton Gin and Weaving Machine

6. Who was the Creek leader in Oconee War between the Creek and Georgia pioneers and worked to centralize powers with Creek society and protect Creek lands?
a) a. Alexander McGivallary
b) b. John Ross
c) c. John Marshall
d) d. William McIntosh

7. Which Cherokee Indian created the written Cherokee language?
a) a. Sequoyah
b) b. William McIntosh
c) c. Alexander McGivallary
d) d. Chief Tomochichi

8. Which city led to a gold rush and removal in Cherokee Indians?
a) a. Dahelonga
b) b. Savannah
c) c. Brunswick
d) d. Atlanta

9. Which agreement between the Northern and Southern states admitted California as a free state and allowed New Mexico and Utah to vote on slavery?
a) a. Compromise of 1863
b) b. Missouri Compromise
c) c. Nullification
d) d. Abolition

10. Fill in this analogy. North: manufacturing; south: ____________
a) a. Agriculture
b) b. Industry
c) c. Carpentry
d) d. Factories

11. What battle was NOT a part of the Civil War?
a) a. The Siege of Savannah
b) b. Battle of Antietam
c) c. Battle of Chickamauga
d) d. Battle of Gettysburg

12. Fill in the analogy. Reconstruction: Freedmen’s Bureau; Slavery: ________
a) a. Ku Klux Klan
b) b. Populist’s Party
c) c. Republican Party
d) d. NAACP

13. Which of these amendments were NOT parts added to the Constitution of the Reconstruction era?
a) a. 16th Amendment
b) b. 15th Amendment
c) c. 14th Amendment
d) d. 13th Amendment

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