Born To Rock III Question Preview (ID: 1877)


Which of the following is NOT something Owen does?
a) Refuses to take the court order for Purge.
b) Finds out he is the reason Leo lost his scholarship.
c) Tells King about Leo's meeting with Borman.
d) Becomes a roadie for Purge.

What does Leo discover when he bursts in on Melinda and Bernie?
a) He sees the envelope with results of the DNA.
b) He finds they are both using drugs.
c) He learns Melinda has been hired by Purge.
d) He finds the hotel room empty and a recording of their voices playing in the room.

What were the results of the DNA test?
a) Bernie is Leo's biological dad.
b) King is Leo's biological dad.
c) Leo and King are not related.
d) The man who raised Leo is actually his biological father.

What happens when Leo runs away from Purge after he gets the DNA results?
a) He runs to Owen and Melinda. Leo and Melinda become a couple.
b) He confesses everything to King.
c) He immediately runs to Bernie and yells at him for not telling him as soon as possible.
d) He leaves and goes home.

Why does Leo go back with Purge?
a) King came to the campsite and told him to get back.
b) He wants to be with his biological father.
c) He doesn\'t have the money to go home.
d) He went to get his paycheck.

What causes the cavity search?
a) Max was smuggling jewels out of the country in his drum.
b) The policeman was trying to make a point.
c) The band had planned a world tour so they could smuggle jewels to Africa.
d) The police were searching for drugs.

Who exposed the jewels in the drum?
a) Ariadne (She was not a nutritionist but a private investigator).
b) Max\'s wife, Penelope ran onto the stage and split the drum.
c) A hysterical fan
d) Ski Jump Nose (The lawyer)

How does King find out about the results of the DNA test?
a) Leo tells him when he offers to pay for Harvard.
b) The lab sent him a copy of the results.
c) Bernie goes to see Leo's mother.
d) Owen tells King.

Which statement is false.
a) Leo is going to work at the hardware store next year.
b) Melinda and Leo end the story as a couple.
c) Mr. Borman is likely not going to tell the newspapers about the event.
d) Owen and Cam are together.

Which of the following does NOT happen at the end of the story.
a) Leo develops a relationship with his bio dad.
b) King rides a motorcycle into the principals's office.
c) Purge has broken up and the tour is over.
d) Leo is going to Harvard.

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