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The fungus cannont reproduce if
a) The rhizoids only digest 75% of the material they come into contact with
b) If spores reach a damp cool location
c) If the gills do not produce the spores
d) If the sproangiophore grows too tall

Lichens are important to the environment because they
a) contribute to soil production.
b) produce large amounts of oxygen.
c) decompose carbon dioxide.
d) All of the above

Fungi obtain nutrients by
a) photosynthesis.
b) the nitrogen fixation process in their hyphae.
c) digesting organic matter externally before absorbing it.
d) None of the above

Fungi digest organic matter
a) through photosynthesis.
b) outside their cell walls.
c) inside their cell walls.
d) All of the above

Fungi are important to an ecosystem as
a) producers.
b) regulators.
c) decomposers
d) controllers.

a) do not contain chloroplasts.
b) have cell walls that contain chitin.
c) do not produce their own food.
d) All of the above

Chitin is found in fungi and in
a) the exoskeletons of insects.
b) some plant cell walls.
c) clam shells.
d) bacteria

A lichen
a) consists of a fungus and a photosynthetic partner in a symbiotic relationship.
b) is a sac fungus clump.
c) is found only in temperate climates.
d) consists of a fungus and plant roots.

What is mutlicellular, reproduces sexually, and lives off a host?
a) Fungus
b) Protist
c) Plant
d) Bacteria

The sporangiophore's purpose is to
a) Sporangium Support
b) Digest Food
c) Anchor the Fungi to a surface
d) None of the choices are correct

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