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Which of the following was NOT a tactic used by the superpowers during the Cold War to influence Third World nations?
a) threatened them with nuclear attack
b) provided military aid and built schools
c) engaged in covert operations
d) sponsored revolutions and counterrevolutions

Which of the following circumstances contributed to the breakdown of the alliance between the United States and the Soviet Union?
a) Stalin's unfulfilled promise of free elections
b) Stalin's nonaggression pact with Hitler
c) United States inclusion in the Security Council
d) Stalin's promise to aid in the war against Japan

What is the official name of the country commonly known as China?
a) People's Republic of China
b) Republic of China
c) Democratic Republic of China
d) Maoist Dynasty of China

Which leader won China's civil war?
a) Mao Zedong
b) Jiang Jieshee
c) Sun Yatsen
d) Deng Xiaoping

Which exiled (at the time) leader led the religious opposition to Western influences in Iran?
a) Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini
b) Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
c) Anastasio Somoza
d) Fidel Castro

Which European countries could receive aid through the Marshall Plan?
a) any European country that needed it
b) any European country that shared a border with iron curtain countries
c) any European country that rejected Communism
d) any European country that modeled its government after U.S. democracy

When did Chinese troops enter the war in Korea?
a) when the fighting neared China's border
b) when the UN voted to intervene
c) when MacArthur's troops landed at Inchon
d) when North Korean troops crossed the 38th parallel

What were Third World countries?
a) mostly developing countries not aligned with the United States or the Soviet Union
b) countries with a gross national product higher than First and Second World countries
c) countries aligned with the Soviet Union and its allies
d) countries aligned with the United States and its allies

What were the long-term effects of the Cultural Revolution?
a) widespread chaos that closed down factories and threatened farm production
b) establishment of communes where up to 25,000 people would live and work
c) dangerous border disputes between Communist China and the Soviet Union
d) creation of the Red Guards, who acted as military police for Mao Zedong

What was the Strategic Defense Initiative?
a) a system to protect the United States against enemy missiles
b) a program to weed out terrorist activity in the United States
c) a failed operation to invade the Soviet Union
d) a department of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division

What was the purpose of the Truman Doctrine?
a) to support countries that rejected communism
b) to judge political parties that favored communism
c) to create a Communist party in the United States
d) to raise funds for Communist activities in Europe

Which of the following worked together to produce similar goals?
a) Truman Doctrine and containment
b) Marshall Plan and the iron curtain
c) détente and brinkmanship
d) NATO and the Warsaw Pact

Which two groups fought a civil war in China both before and after World War II?
a) the nationalists and the Communists
b) the socialists and the nationalists
c) the warlords and the emperor
d) the peasants and the middle class

Who were most of the Vietcong?
a) pro-Communist South Vietnamese
b) pro-Communist North Vietnamese
c) anti-Communist South Vietnamese
d) anti-Communist North Vietnamese

Why did the United States shift from a policy of brinksmanship to détente?
a) The US needed to heal its internal conflicts over Vietnam.
b) The U-2 crisis almost drew the United States into war.
c) Nixon and Brezhnev signed the SALT I Treaty.
d) The Soviet Union became a greater power.

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