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What factor distinguishes wet tropical climates from tropical wet and dry climates
a) precipitation
b) large bodies of water
c) mountain ranges
d) temperature

In dry climates, rates of evaporation exceed
a) rates of condenstaton
b) average temperatures
c) number of sunny days
d) rates of precipitation

What happens to air when it sinks
a) it expands and cools
b) its pressure decreases
c) it compresses and warms
d) it becomes wetter

Which climate experiences seasonal periods of perpetual night
a) humid tropical
b) polar
c) highland
d) humid mid latitiude

Which of the following may cause long term changes in Earth's climate
a) volcanic eruptions
b) changes in solar output
c) changes in ocean circulation
d) changes in the shape of the Earth\'s orbit

What phenomenon naturally warms Earth\'s lower atmopsphere and surface
a) the formation of sun spots
b) greenhouse effect
c) global warming
d) changes in the shape of the Earth\'s orbit

What is the relationship between fossil fuels and the greenhouse effect
a) burning fossil fuels decreases incoming solar radiation
b) burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
c) burning fossil fuels lowers the greenhouse effect
d) burning fossil fuels decreases the aborption capacity of greenhouse gases

Which of the following is an example of human impact on clmate changes
a) the greenhouse effect
b) changes in solar output
c) global warming
d) changes in the tilt of the Earth's acis

Shoreline erosion and coastal flooding are two consequences of
a) increased rates of evaporation
b) a global rise in sea level
c) volcanic eruptions
d) the greenhouse effect

Which statement best explains why global warming may lead to an increase in the number and intensity of hurricanes
a) sea levels will rise
b) ocean temperaaatures will increase
c) the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will increase
d) droughts will increase

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