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Lyme disease is spread by
a) the bite of an infected tick.
b) coughing or sneezing.
c) eating contaminated food.
d) drinking contaminated water.

A cut in the skin can lead to an infection because
a) the cut kills phagocytes.
b) it allows pathogens to get into the body.
c) it interferes with the immune system’s ability to fight disease.
d) the cut destroys the cilia that remove bacteria.

Which cells in the immune system identify pathogens and distinguish one pathogen from another?
a) red blood cells
b) B cells
c) T cells
d) phagocytes.

Immunity is the body’s ability to
a) distinguish pathogens from one another.
b) fight disease with the inflammation response.
c) produce antigens.
d) destroy pathogens before they can cause disease.

Passive immunity is different from active immunity because passive immunity
a) lasts a long time.
b) protects a person from many different diseases.
c) does not protect a person from disease.
d) involves antibodies that have not been produced by the body of the immunized person.

A chemical that kills bacteria or slows their growth is called a(n)
a) antibody.
b) aspirin.
c) antibiotic.
d) decongestant.

What does the body produce when lymphocytes encounter an allergen?
a) histamine
b) insulin
c) carcinogens
d) tumors

In which disease do a person’s body cells multiply uncontrollably?
a) cancer
b) asthma
c) diabetes

Percivall Pott was one of the first scientists to understand that there can be a link between
a) soot and food poisoning.
b) the environment and cancer.
c) microorganisms and infectious disease.
d) parents’ and children’s health.

Substances that can cause cancer are called
a) carcinogens.
b) asthma.
c) histamines.
d) tumors.

How does HIV damage the immune system?
a) by delaying the inflammation response
b) by destroying T cells
c) by destroying B cells
d) by damaging antibodies

Pressure-treated wood contains the carcinogen
a) tar.
b) vinyl chloride.
c) soot.
d) arsenic.

What is an abnormal mass of cells that forms in healthy tissue?
a) Insulin
b) Antigen
c) Antibody
d) Tumor

What are molecules on cells that the immune system recognizes either as part of your body or as coming fromoutside your body?
a) Antigen
b) Lymphocyte
c) Phagocyte
d) Fungi

Which of the following is NOT a treatment of cancer?
a) Radiation
b) Medication
c) Surgery
d) Aerobics

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