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How many cases (not tenses) are there in German?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

After the Deaf President Now movement at Gallaudet University, who became the first Deaf president of the university?
a) Elizabeth Zinzer
b) Edward Miner Gallaudet
c) I. King Jordan
d) T. Allen Hurwitz

Which country incorporates extremely large kites during the celebration of Day of the Dead?
a) Guatemala
b) Cuba
c) Mexico
d) Spain

In German, which part of speech is always capitalized?
a) Verbs
b) Nouns
c) Adverbs
d) Prepositions

Which French leader from Normandy stole the throne from King Harold of England upon winning a famous battle in 1066?
a) Napoleon Bonaparte
b) Charlemagne
c) William the Conqueror
d) Charles de Gaulle

The Spanish word for this tropical fruit is “guanabana”, but what is it called in English?
a) Starfruit
b) Guava
c) Banana
d) Soursop

Which of the following letters or letter combinations are NOT pronounced with a /th/ sound (like “thumb”) in Spain?
a) z
b) ce
c) ci
d) ca

A symbolic burning of “monigotes”, which are large stuffed dummies (typically of politicians and public figures), is done in which Latin American country to celebrate New Year’s Eve?
a) El Salvador
b) Ecuador
c) Nicaragua
d) Venezuela

How many components are there in each ASL sign?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

For a country with barely 11 million people, which Spanish-speaking country has an unusually prominent profile in the national ballet world?
a) Cuba
b) Dominican Republic
c) Chile
d) Bolivia

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