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Which pronoun will the narrator NOT use in the third-person omniscient point-of-view?
a) he
b) we
c) them
d) she

Which point of view is used when the narrator knows what is going on in ONE character's head?
a) third-person objective
b) second-person
c) third-person omniscient
d) third-person limited

I was shaking like a leaf. My palms were sweating. My heart was pounding so loudly I was sure everyone around me could hear it. I hated presentations.
a) second-person
b) third-person omniscient
c) first-person
d) third-person objective

Be sure when eating spicy food not to eat too much. You might get sick. You would be embarrassed if this happened in front of someone you secretly had a crush on.
a) second-person
b) third-person limited
c) first-person
d) third-person objective

Which pronoun is an example of those used in 3rd person point of view?
a) I
b) They
c) You
d) Us

If the narrator of a story is not in the story, this is considered:
a) first-person
b) second-person
c) third-person

The president had lunch with his staff today in Washington. He later met with John Critten, the leader of Canada. They talked about medical issues.
a) third-person limited
b) third-person objective
c) second-person
d) third-person omniscient

Which pronoun is a good signal for first-person?
a) He
b) You
c) They
d) I

Which point of view is used when the narrator tells the story from the point of one character?
a) third-person objective
b) third-person limited
c) third-person omniscient
d) first-person

Kate walks into the classroom and sees her best friend sitting near the bookshelf. Hi! she says as she waves to her friend and smiles. Then Kate goes to sit by her friend and immediately starts talking excitedly.
a) third-person objective
b) third-person limited
c) third-person omniscient
d) second-person

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