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(Bb) is an example of a _______________ Genotype.
a) Homozygous recessive
b) Homozygous Dominent
c) Pure
d) Heterozygous

What are Alelles?
a) The letters that designate the different versions of a gene.
b) The genotype of an individual
c) the phenotype of an individual
d) Both a and B

Is used when studying only one trait.
a) Dihybrid cross
b) Monohybrid cross
c) Trihybrid cross
d) Quahybrid cross

______ is the first two individuals that are crossed in a breeding experiment.
a) F1
b) F2
c) P2
d) P generation

The passing of characters from parents to offspring is called?
a) Monohybrid cross
b) heredity
c) True Breeding
d) Genetics

Gregor Mendel was?
a) A geneticist who studies genetics and the pea plant his entire life.
b) A priest who studies the traits of pea plants and came up with the law of genetics. (father of genetics)
c) An assistant who worked for gentercist and stole his ideas.
d) A farmer that stumbled across what we know as genetics.

Line/ Population of organisms that is genetically the same. Example (BB or bb)
a) crose
b) locus
c) purebred
d) complexbred

The specific location of a gene: the genes address on the chromosome is called?
a) pocus
b) locus
c) purebred
d) complexbred

The study of biology inheritance patterns and variation in organisms is called?
a) phonetics
b) genetics
c) chemistry
d) biomechanics

I have blonde haird. Bescribing my hair as blonde is an example of a _________________.
a) genotype
b) phenotype
c) denotype
d) breeding

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