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isotopes have the same bumber of protons but a different number of ___________?
a) electrons
b) radiations
c) neutrons
d) megatrons

Radioactivity can be harmful and cause disease because it affects?
a) air
b) water
c) cells
d) blood

The process in which an atom loses radiation and becomes another element is known as _______________?
a) transmutation
b) fission
c) fusion
d) chain reaction

Radioactive dating uses half life of different radioactive materials to test the ______________ of a sample.
a) purity
b) radioactivity
c) age
d) nuclear stability

When a radio isotope is used to find or keep track of molecules in an organism.
a) geiger counter
b) Tracer
c) Nuclear fission
d) Nuclear Fusion

A device that measures the amount of radiation producing an electric current when it detects a charged particle.
a) bubble chamber
b) cloud chamber
c) Geiger counter
d) Nuclear fission

Detects nuclear particles by holding a super heated liquid that doesn't boil due to the high pressure.
a) Cloud chamber
b) Bubble Chamber
c) Geiger Counter
d) Nuclear Fission

Filled with water or ethanol vapor to detect alpha and beta particles.
a) bubble chamber
b) cloud chamber
c) Geiger counter
d) Nuclear Fission

Two nuclei with small masses combine to form a nucleus of a larger mass.
a) Nuclear fission
b) Nuclear fusion
c) Tracer
d) Geiger Counter

The process of splitting a nuclei into several smaller nuclei.
a) Cloud chamber
b) Nuclear Fusion
c) Nuclear Fission
d) Tracer

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