Born To Rock II Question Preview (ID: 1874)

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Which did NOT happen with the incident when Neb went to the hospital
a) King rushes to the hospital to see Neb.
b) Neb was injured doing the splits during the show and had to go to the hospital.
c) Cam fails to pick up Leo at the hospital for hours.
d) A replacement guitarist must be found because Neb can't perform for a while

Why is there a dog on the tour?
a) Max's ex-wife left the dog with him and left the country.
b) Leo's mom insisted his dog go with him on tour to protect him.
c) It is King's dog and he always goes everywhere with King.
d) The band adopted a stray.

Why is the manager always on Zach?
a) He is constantly eating and is overweight.
b) He often forgets his part and doesn't practice enough.
c) He is always late for practices and performances.
d) He spends too much money.

What happens when Leo has to pick up Vukovich and bring him to play with Purge?
a) Vukovich is using drugs in a gas station bathroom.
b) Vukovich arrives without his guitar.
c) They get lost and arrive back after the concert begins.
d) They have car trouble and miss their practice.

What happens when Cam resets the alarm so Leo misses the departure for Phoenix?
a) Owen and Melinda take Leo to Phoenix.
b) Leo catches a ride with a rival band and they offer him a job.
c) Leo tells Bernie and Cam is fired.
d) Leo runs to the airport and gets to ride first class with King.

What does not happen when King punches the reporter in the nose?
a) King and the reporter make a deal to keep the incident out of the paper.
b) The reporter presses charges aned King spends the night in jail.
c) Leo spends the night outside the courtroom waiting for King.
d) Bernie hires a lawyer to handle the situation.

What does NOT happen at the pretzal.
a) Leo's mother arrives and tries to get him to come home.
b) Leo throws a small table into the pretzal machine.
c) Someone pulls a fire alarm.
d) The dog disappears.

Which of these does NOT occur while Leo is looking for Llama?
a) Owen and Melinda come to help Leo search for the dog.
b) King spends the night helping Leo.
c) Leo kidnaps a poodle from the truck of the dog catcher.
d) Llama finds his way back to the hotel.

Why was King nice to Melinda?
a) He thought Melinda was Leo's girlfriend.
b) He was interested in Melinda.
c) He wanted Melinda to write good things about him on her website.
d) He knew Melinda's mother.

Which band member hits on Melinda?
a) Bernie
b) King
c) Neb
d) Cam

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