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What was the name of the railroad that finally connected the East with the West in the United States?
a) Transcontinental Railroad
b) R and R Railroad
c) B and O Railroad
d) Continental Railroad

What system was developed in the South that basically kept freedmen in a virtual state a slavery?
a) Tenant Farming
b) Sharecropping
c) Serfdom
d) Industrial Agriculture

What were Northerners who took control of Southern governments known as?
a) Carpetbaggers and Scalawags
b) Yankees and Generals
c) Johnny Reb and Billy Yank
d) None of the answer are correct

What agency was set up to help former slaves after the Civil War?
a) Freedmen's Bureau
c) Civil Right Movement
d) FBI

Who was almost impeached for standing against the Radical Republicans in congress?
a) Lincoln
b) Grant
c) Johnson
d) Jackson

What group formed in the deep South right after the Civil War, and used violence and intimidation to keep African Americans from achieving their rights?
a) Radical Racists
b) KKK
c) Abolitionists
d) Freedmen's Rights

Which Civil War amendment equal protection of law regardless of race?
a) 12th
b) 13th
c) 14th
d) 15th

Which Civil War amendment gave the right to vote to former slaves?
a) 12th
b) 13th
c) 14th
d) 15th

Which Civil War amendment abolished slavery?
a) 12th
b) 13th
c) 14th
d) 15th

What are the Civil War amendments to the Constitution?
a) 11th, 12th, 13th
b) 15th, 16th, 17th
c) 13th, 14th, 15th
d) 21st, 22nd, 23rd

When the Republican party took control of reconstruction, they wanted to punish the South with harsher laws and restrictions, which earned them the nickname the ____________.
a) Crazy Congressmen
b) Radical Republicans
c) Overpowering Rulers
d) Kings of Reconstruction

What are black codes?
a) Laws meant to keep Native Americans from moving around the country
b) Unwritten rules enacted by Southern states to restrict the freedman's rights
c) Rules that only applied to people at night
d) Acts that were passed in the western territories to hold down Tejanos

Why didn't President Lincoln get to implement his reconstruction plan?
a) Congress took over
b) He was assassinated before he could enforce it
c) The military took over the South
d) The Supreme Court said it was illegal

What is the 10 year time period after the Civil War known as?
a) Rebirth of the Nation
b) Reconstruction
c) Rebuilding the Country
d) Lincoln's PLan for Reunion

What happened in the North because of the economic stimulation the war created?
a) A Second Industrial Revolution
b) Nothing, it stayed the same
c) An Economic Bust
d) A Depression

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