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Why was the Gettysburg address such an important speech, even though it only lasted wo minutes?
a) It ended slavery
b) It raised the purpose of the war to preserve democracy
c) It ended the war
d) It made Lincoln famous all over the world

Who was the commander of the Confederate forces during the Civil War?
a) Robert E. Lee
b) Jefferson Davis
c) Stonewall Jackson
d) Ulysses S. Grant

Who was the President of the Confederate States of America?
a) Robert E. Lee
b) Jefferson Davis
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Stonewall Jackson

What were the Confederate States depending on in order to fund their war effort?
a) Exporting tobacco to Mexico
b) Exporting cattle to Canada
c) Exporting cotton to Europe
d) Exporting slaves to the Caribbean

How long did the war last, and how many men were killed?
a) 3 years/50,000
b) 2 years/750,000
c) 4 years/600,000
d) 1 year/200,000

Where were the slaves freed by Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation?
a) Only in states in rebellion/the south
b) All states
c) Only states in the west
d) Territories in the west

Where did Robert E. Lee surrender the Confederate Army?
a) Cold Harbor
b) Fort Sumter
c) Appomattox Courthouse
d) Gettysburg

Where were the first shots of the war fired?
a) Fort Sumter
b) Antietam
c) Gettysburg
d) Vicksburg

Whose election led to South Carolina and then 10 other southern states seceding from the Union?
a) Washington
b) Grant
c) Bush
d) Lincoln

What major battles are considered the turning points of the war?
a) Bull Run/Antietam
b) Lookout Mountain/Shiloh
c) Gettysburg/Vicksburg
d) Cold Harbor/The Wilderness

Which of the following was NOT a cause of the Civil War?
a) Sectionalism
b) Slavery
c) State's Rights
d) Westward Expansion

Why was the battle plan for the North called the Anaconda Plan?
a) They wanted to cut off trade to the South and blockade their ports
b) They planned to release large snakes into the cotton fields of the South
c) They wanted to use their soldiers to spread out and win battles in an S form
d) They intended to take out the Southern Forts by slithering under ground and capturing he forts from inside

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