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The primary purpose of the slave codes was to
a) control every aspect of an enslaved person's life/
b) guarantee good working conditions for enslaved people.
c) legalize marriages between enslaved people.
d) prevent enslaved people from practicing their religion.

Which of the following enabled western farmers to ship goods to New York City?
a) Ohio River
b) National Road
c) Erie Canal
d) Illinois Railroad

Free African Americans were NOT prevented by law from
a) sending their children to public schools.
b) holding low paying jobs.
c) serving on juries.
d) testifying in a court against white people.

Who might have complained that completition with the railroads would cause them to lose money?
a) western farmers
b) factory owners
c) telegraph users
d) canal investors

Irish immigrants generally were met with more hostility than some other immigrants because they
a) were members of the Protestant church.
b) were believe to be unwilling to work.
c) were members of the Roman Catholic church.
d) took most high paying jobs.

Why was 1808 an important year in the fight against slavery.
a) It became illegal to sell a freed African American back into slavery.
b) The invention of the cotton gin replaced slave labor in many states.
c) The slave codes were declared illegal in Kentucky.
d) It became illegal to import enslaved Africans to the United States.

Members of a nativist group were nicknamed Know Nothings because they
a) were known to be poorly educated.
b) campaigned against the building of public schools.
c) replied 'I know nothing' when asked about their group.
d) did not want to learn about other cultures.

James Watt is known as the father of which invention?
a) steamboat
b) steam-powered textile plant
c) mechanical reaper
d) steam engine

Which of the following occurred first?
a) passage of the Missouri Compromise
b) Nat Turner's revolt
c) invention of the telegraph
d) completion of the National Road

Which of the following is an example of discrimination?
a) denying some students access to public schools because of race
b) imposing a rating system in order to prevent young people from seeing certain movies
c) denying a job to a person who lacks specific skills or experience for the job
d) sending illegal immigrants back to their native country

Which of the following was NOT a result of the invention of the cotton gin?
a) Cotton profits increased enormously.
b) Cotton growers used profits to build more textile mills.
c) Cotton production increases required more slaves.
d) Cotton plantations extended as far west as Texas.

Which of the following was part of the Missouri Compromise?
a) Slave owners would not be allowed to pursue slaves who escaped to free territory.
b) The Louisiana Territory north of the southern border of Missouri would be free of slavery.
c) All children born to enslaved people in Missouri would be free.
d) No additional slaves could be brought into Missouri after its admission to the Union as a slave state.

Which of the following was NOT a reason for immigration to the United States during this period?
a) famine in foreign countries
b) cheap land in the United States
c) revolution in foreign countries
d) slavery in the United States

Which of the following could be made with interchangeable parts?
a) toasters
b) paintings
c) spoons
d) needles

Which of the following allowed Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state and Maine to enter the Union as a free state?
a) the Missouri Compromise
b) the Industrial Revolution
c) increased immigration
d) urbanization

Most southern whites were
a) farmers.
b) factory workers.
c) industrialists.
d) slaves.

Robert Fulton is known as the inventor of which of the following?
a) rifle
b) steam engine
c) telephone
d) steamboat

The Industrial Revolution began in the
a) shipping industry.
b) textile industry.
c) mining industry.
d) farming industry.

What caused the increase of Irish immigration in the mid-1800s?
a) Ireland experienced a potato famine.
b) The Irish were fleeing revolutions.
c) A civil war broke out in Ireland.
d) Ireland ran out of farmland.

Slavery and cotton growing were closely linked because __
a) most cotton plantations were owned by slave traders.
b) cotton growing required a great deal of labor.
c) enslaved workers preferred cotton over other crops.
d) the price of cotton was low.

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