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1. What is the number of trustees that led GA during the Trustee Period?
a) a. 21
b) b. 20
c) c. 19
d) d. 18

2. Which city was the first city built by the Salzburgers in GA?
a) a. Ebenezer
b) b. Savannah
c) c. Louisville
d) d. Brunswick

3. True or False? Debtors are people unable to pay their bills and were imprisoned in Great Britain.
a) a. True
b) b. False

4. Which reason was NOT one of the reasons for founding of Georgia?
a) a. Land
b) b. Charity
c) c. Economics
d) d. Defense

5. After the Charter of 1732 expired, what type of colony did Georgia become?
a) a. Royal colony
b) b. Trustee colony
c) c. English colony
d) d. Spanish colony

6. In order from first to last, who were the royal governors of GA?
a) a. John Reynolds, Henry Ellis, and James Wright
b) b. John Reynolds, James Wright, and Henry Ellis
c) c. Henry Ellis, John Reynolds, and James Wright
d) d. James Wright, Henry Ellis, and John Reynolds

7. True or False? Mercantilism is NOT an economic system where you export more than you import.
a) a. False
b) b. True

8. Which of these are NOT one of the three laws that were enforced during the trustee period?
a) a. No debtors
b) b. No slaves
c) a. No liquor dealers
d) d. No lawyers

9. Which document created by King George the III that awarded all the land west of the Appalachian Mountains to Native Americans?
a) a. Proclamation of 1763
b) b. Intolerable Acts
c) c. Stamp Act
d) d. Constitution of 1777

10. Who were the three signers from Georgia that signed the Declaration of Independence?
a) a. Button Gwinnet, Lyman Hall, and George Walton
b) b. Lyman Hall, George Walton, and William Few
c) c. Abraham Baldwin, William Few, and George Walton
d) d. Button Gwinnet, George Walton, Abraham Baldwin

11. Which person was not of importance during the Civil War for Georgia?
a) a. Ray Charles
b) b. Nancy Hart
c) c. Austin Daubney
d) d. Elijah Clarke

12. Which American Revolution battle was victory for the patriots in Georgia?
a) a. Battle of Kettle Creek
b) b. Pearl Harbor
c) c. Siege of Savannah
d) d. Civil War

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