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to behave affectionately
a) fawning
b) prone
c) adorned
d) crimsoned

to decorate or add beauty to; make more attractive
a) prone
b) adorned
c) fawning
d) purgers

natural inclination or tendency to something
a) ruger
b) mutiny
c) dwelling
d) prone

to make or become deep purplish-red
a) color
b) descended
c) mutiny
d) crimsoned

bitter conflict; quarrel, struggle or clash
a) strife
b) comrades
c) prone
d) fawning

person who chare in one's activities; fellow member of a group
a) comrades
b) burdened
c) commission
d) neverland

revolt or rebellion against authority
a) pessimist
b) burdened
c) mutiny
d) fawning

to go or pass from a higher to a lower place; to slope, to tend or lean downward
a) descended
b) burdened
c) oration
d) prone

formal public speech delivered especially at funerals, anniversaries, graduations, etc.
a) orations
b) decorations
c) test
d) prone

to load heavily, troubled
a) orations
b) prone
c) crimsoned
d) burdened

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