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Amanda and Eva huddled under their wool blankets and gazed up in awe as the magical stars twinkled in the evening firmament. What is the meaning of firmament?
a) star
b) sky
c) moon
d) galaxy

The pioneers who had endured the long winter welcomed the warm spring. What is the meaning of endured?
a) missed
b) survived
c) closed
d) wanted

After the rainstorm, the rainbow lit up the sky with vivid colors. What is the meaning of vivid?
a) dark
b) funny
c) bright
d) normal

Typewriters became obsolete with the development of personal computers. What is the meaning of obsolete?
a) popular
b) out-dated
c) expensive
d) low-priced

Unlike her gregarious sister, Eva, Amanda was shy and preferred to be by herself. What is the meaning of gregarious?
a) well liked by everyone
b) enjoy others' company
c) find it difficult to make friends
d) fearful of wide, open spaces

Our dispute was so long-standing that we had no hope of reaching an agreement. What is the meaning of dispute?
a) relationship
b) quarrel
c) resentment
d) unhappiness

The frigid water made Elizabeth’s teeth chatter. What is the meaning of frigid?
a) scorching
b) bitter
c) arctic
d) nasty

It's too risky to drive anywhere in these hazardous conditions. What is the meaning of hazardous?
a) predicable
b) sticky
c) windy
d) dangerous

Jim is an amazing orator. No other speaker moves me like he does. What is the meaning of orator?
a) speaker
b) politician
c) actor
d) referee

The rescue workers were glad to see that food was abundant. There was enough for everyone. What is the meaning of abundant?
a) plentiful
b) restricted
c) scarce
d) excessive

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