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Which of the following is NOT true about Leo Caraway?
a) son of King Maggot
b) 4.0 GPA
c) admitted to Harvard with scholarship
d) former President of Young Republicans club

Who is Leo's biological father?
a) Bernie McMurphy
b) Pete Yukovich
c) Mr. Borman
d) King Maggot McMurphy

Why is Leo's scholarship removed?
a) He held up for Owen when Mr. Borman accused him of cheating.
b) He decided to work for his dad and not go to Harvard.
c) He gave answers on a test.
d) He cheated during the Young Republicans election.

Why did Mr. Borman dislike Owen?
a) He was gay.
b) He had a low IQ.
c) He was a trouble maker.
d) His dad tried to take his job.

How did Leo find out the man he thought was his biological dad was not his bio dad?
a) He saw his birth certificate when he needed it for a field trip to Canada.
b) His mother told him.
c) His bio dad wrote him a letter.
d) Melinda found out on the internet.

What does Leo's mother do when she is stressed?
a) complete puzzles
b) paint her fingernails
c) use the computer
d) eat ice cream

What is the primary reason Leo joins the group Purge for the summer.
a) to get to know his bio dad and ask him for money for Harvard.
b) to get money for college
c) his cousin got him the job
d) he loves punk music and wants to be with the band.

How did Leo first try to contact King?
a) He gave him a letter at a press conference.
b) He applied for a roadie job.
c) He sent him a registered letter.
d) He called him on the phone.

Why does King believe Leo when Leo tells him he is King's son?
a) He has the McMurphy ear.
b) He remembers Leo's mom.
c) He saw the birth certificate.
d) Leo's mom had told King he was the father.

What happens on Leo's first day as a roadie?
a) He misses the plane and is late to work.
b) King shows him around and tells everyone this is his son.
c) Leo and his roommate become good friends.
d) The police arrest the band at the concert.

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