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Why is Chernobyl famous?
a) It is the region with rich, black soil that makes Ukraine so productive.
b) An explosion at a nuclear power plant contaminated soil and water for miles around.y
c) A pipeline carrying oil broke at Chernobyl, and thousands of barrels of oil were lost.
d) It is Ukraine's major seaport.

Which of the following was not a reason for European exploration?
a) Europeans wanted to learn from the natives in the New World
b) Europeans were looking for a shorter route to transport spices
c) European nations wanted to gain control of natural resources in new lands.
d) Europeans wanted to spread Christianity.

Which of the following was a reason that Christopher Columbus was exploring when he found the Caribbean Islands?
a) He was looking for a new route to Asia that was faster than going around Africa.
b) He heard of the new world, and wanted to see it for himself.
c) He wanted to become the ruler of the natives in the new world.
d) He went in search of new land where he could create his own country.

Which Portugese Prince started a school where people could learn how to sail and navigate?
a) Prince Ferdinand the Magellan
b) Prince Henry the Navigator
c) Prince Christopher the Explorer
d) Princess Ms. Wester

The USSR set out to reform its government and economy during the late 1980's and early 1990's. What was the end result?
a) They stopped trading with other countries around the world.
b) Their economy rebounded to its highest ever.
c) The entire government collapsed and communism ended in the USSR.
d) The country returned to the rule of the Romanovs.

The Berlin Wall came down in 1989. What happened to East and West Germany as a result of this action?
a) East Germany started to compete with West Germany.
b) East Germany and West Germany held different elections
c) They went to war.
d) They reunited and became one Germany.

Which of the following was an important cause of the Russian Revolution of 1917?
a) differences between religious and ethnic groups of Russia
b) an unsuccesful attempt by China to invade Russia
c) differences among social and economic classes in Russia
d) an unsuccesful attempt by Britian to invade Russia

After World War I, the entire world suffered economically due to
a) the rise of the superpowers
b) the rise of Facism
c) the development of nuclear weapons
d) a worldwide depression

The Russian Revolution anded the rule of the Romanov dynasty and ushered in the dictatorship of ____________.
a) Adolph Hitler
b) Benito Mussolini
c) Josef Stalin
d) Vladimir Lennin

In the 1700's, the UK sent many people, who were convicts, to _________ and set up a penal colony.
a) Australia
b) America
c) New Zealand
d) Brazil

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