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How is the Earth different from all of the other planets?
a) It has a breathable atmosphere.
b) It has a rocky surface.
c) It is warmed by the sun.
d) It rotates on its axis.

Which body in the solar system usually contains an atmosphere?
a) An asteroid
b) A planet
c) A meteor
d) A comet

Which of the following lists Earth, Jupiter, the Moon, and the Sun in order from largest to smallest?
a) Jupiter, Earth, Sun, Moon
b) Sun, Jupiter, Earth, Moon
c) Sun, Jupiter, Moon, Earth
d) Jupiter, Sun, Earth, Moon

A solar eclipse occurs when
a) Earth blocks the Moon from the Sun.
b) the first four planets are in a line.
c) the Moon blocks Earth from the Sun.
d) the last four planets are in a line.

A characteristic of gaseous planets is that they have
a) no density.
b) a density greater than Earth's.
c) a density the same as Earth's.
d) a density less than Earth's.

The asteroid belt is located between
a) the Sun and Earth.
b) Mars and Jupiter.
c) Neptune and Pluto.
d) Saturn and Uranus.

Each year, Earth moves once around
a) Mars.
b) Venus.
c) the Sun.
d) the Moon.

Which statement describes why the Earth has seasons?
a) Its axis is tilted as it revolves around the sun.
b) The distance changes as it revolves around the sun.
c) The moon revolves around it.
d) The sun's axis is tilted.

What type of rock is formed by volcanic activity?
a) sedimentary
b) igneous
c) coal
d) metamorphic

Places on Earth's surface where tectonic plates meet are characterized by
a) more severe earthquake activity
b) long formations of sea arches.
c) stable temperate climate conditions.
d) a lack of plant and animal life.

Kate is building a model of the solar system. She chooses a basketball to represent Earth. She wants her model to represent the relative sizes of all the planets and the Moon accurately. Which of the following should Kate use represent the Moon
a) a marble
b) a Ping-Pong ball
c) a softball
d) a soccer ball

How does the number of hours of daylight compare to the number of hours of darkness on March 20, the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere?
a) The hours of daylight and darkness are the same.
b) There are more hours of darkness than daylight.
c) There are more hours of daylight than darkness.
d) The number of hours of daylight and darkness cannot be predicted in advance.

The Moon appears to change shape because
a) the Moon rotates.
b) Earth rotates.
c) Earth revolves around the Sun.
d) the Moon revolves around Earth.

A comet is largely made up of
a) iron and nickel.
b) rock.
c) petroleum.
d) water and ice.

Why does the amount of daylight change during the course of a year?
a) The amount of light and heat radiated by the Sun changes at different times of the year.
b) The distance between the Sun and Earth changes from summer to winter.
c) The North Pole points more toward the Sun at one time of the year than another.
d) Earth rotates at different speeds at different times of the year.

We can be sure that the Milky Way galaxy we live in is a spiral galaxy rather than an elliptical galaxy because
a) it has curved arms.
b) it does not show any rotation.
c) its stars are all about the same age.
d) new stars are no longer forming.

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